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Social Startup Incubator — Where Startups Grow Wings

At the end of the Social Startup Lab, the idea is to follow with Social Startup Incubator.
Social Startup Incubator will provide emerging ventures with opportunities such as:

  • Fortnightly coaching sessions where social start-ups’ business models are reviewed using the Business Model Canvas and where obstacles to progress are addressed in a peer-based learning environment.
  • Business Coach (a seasoned entrepreneur locally with the attributes of a deeply networked connector, business mentor and dealmaker) whose role will be to ensure the success of the social start-ups by advising them and brokering deals on their behalf.
  • Fortnightly business skills training sessions where guest experts will train and mentor start-ups in the essential skills they need to successfully run an enterprise.
  • Access to further support and seed funding.

If you want to chat with us about any of these events, please get in touch with us here