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Our Social Impact

Startup Brixton 2012

A Taste of Social Startup Labs - Startup Brixton 2012 from Mamading Ceesay on Vimeo.

Startup Brixton 2012 by Numbers
Social Startup Lab Results

The numbers above give an indication of the impact of our programme:

  • The linked lab reports document in detail the output of the two Social Startup Labs with photos, infographics & comments from participants: 16 July 2012 & 23 July 2012.
  • The programme's social impact was measured and independently audited by the Office for Public Management who did an Impact Assessment (pdf download) of our work.
  • The JP Morgan Chase Foundation was the major funder of our Startup Brixton 2012 programme. As such we were required to report on activities, outcomes and findings as well as our spending. We furnished them with the following reports: First report, Second report
  • We proved our change hypothesis & significantly boosted participation in both of the Social Startup Labs by people who are usually not just excluded but also choose not to show up for creative/entrepreneurial events. This was achieved by running 4 Skills Camp courses locally in the prior 6 months.
  • We succeeded in reaching and engaging our target audience as attested to by the testimonials we have received.